Proposal submissions are now open!

Proposals for the 2020 BiH Diaspora Conference, taking place June 5-7, 2020 in Los Angeles, California, are now being accepted.

Our theme this year, Vivid Visions: A Decade of Diaspora Development, looks toward the future of what the 20’s will bring for the Bosnian and Herzegovinian diaspora. This year, we are in search of sessions that highlight achievements from the past while proposing specific plans for the future. 

All submissions for Vivid Visions: A Decade of Diaspora Development need to be engaging and facilitate dialogue about Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Diaspora population in North America – and abroad. You will be speaking to a large audience at the conference.

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of conference organizers, former attendees, and BiH Diaspora leaders and will be judged on the basis of how closely it adheres to the theme, tangible takeaway items for attendees, and level of interactivity. The more interactive the better! Proposals with the intention to sell a product or service will be disqualified.

Here are some of the questions that should guide your proposal:

  • How do you envision our community in the next decade?
  • What goals have you set for the next decade with regards to your work? 
  • What goals have you set in regards to communication within the next decade?
  • What have you learned over the last decade that will inform your goals?
  • Who will you work with over the next decade to accomplish these goals?
  • What resources do you need for these goals?
  • What inspired you to achieve what you have at this point?
  • What challenges do you think you will face?

Proposals are due February 22, 2020.
All applicants will be informed by March 21, 2020 if they have been selected by the Judges to participate. 


Do you like presenting on your own? Or do you have a group of people in mind who would help you present your work? This is the presentation type for you! Presentations are 30-45 minutes long, with enough time for a post-presentation discussion with the audience. Please see the application for further details.


Do you like getting the attendees thinking and moving? This may be the format for your work. Workshops will be held for approximately 45 minutes, and proposals can be submitted by either an individual or a group wishing to interactively present together on a topic of shared themes. These workshops can take many formats, encouraging you to share with us your creative ideas and visions for the workshop, which will include approximately 30-50 participants (subject to change depending on the number of conference attendees). Please see the application for further details.


Are you an artist? Do you have a film or performance piece that you feel would be relevant to the themes of this conference and target audience? We would love to see your work and share it with the community. Please see the application for further details.