BiHDC 2023

May 19-21 Austin, TX

Who we are...

Gathering Bosnian and Herzegovinian Diaspora from across Canada and the US, BiHDC aims to build solidarity amongst this group based on multiculturalism, religious diversity and peace through education. This conference strives to create a space where Bosnian and Herzegovinian Diaspora can gather and develop an interdependent and flourishing community – because we are stronger together. 

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Join us for BiHDC 2023, an annual event that has had over 500 attendees from 81 cities, 25 states, and 6 countries in addition to four dozen organizations and businesses that have presented their work.

This year through our theme Dynamic Landscapes: Cultivating Sustainable Change, we are reflecting on movement, boundaries, development and nourishment in our communities. As a growing diaspora population in North America we look to previous generations for problem solving guidance while also innovating the possibilities for our future.

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